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To nearly all of biologists, the physiological regulate of mammalian vocalizations is just a small a part of the massive box of motor body structure. it's certainly a truly really expert half, and the variety of scientists facing it really is rather small. nonetheless, it truly is an self reliant topic embracing greater than the motor keep watch over of the physique and is, as a result, via way more advanced. Anatomically, crucial cerebral constructions fascinated by the regulate of gross and high-quality events of the mammalian physique appear to perform the keep watch over of the voice in addition. The crucial keep an eye on procedure, notwithstanding, in addition to the larynx (the fundamental effector organ), own positive aspects no longer present in the rest motor process. An instance is the best synergism of the numerous muscle groups which keep watch over the m. vocaZis, to not communicate of the rate of successions during which this happens. moreover, this muscle, just like the facial muscular tissues, is segmentally adjustable independently of the joints. the main outstanding characteristic of the important regulate zone, in spite of the fact that, looks the effector organ's manifold direct and oblique dependence at the limbic procedure of the mind. This makes the voice--like no different motor organ (with the partial exception of the facial musculature)--the leader organ for the expression of emotion and the indicator of behavioral states. other than in guy, the voice is in­ established of neocortical regulate. Animal vocalizations are species­ standard and genetically programmed. Ethologically, they belong to the behavioral category of mounted motion patterns.

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The three types of meow described by Hunsperger and Bucher (1967) -- uneasy, plaintive and protest meows -- were elicited from the ventrolateral pontine call site by varying the intensity of stimulation. When the cat growled, the mouth was almost closed, and when it hissed the mouth was held wide open and the lips were drawn back so that the canines were visible. ss the eyes were almost closed appearing as narrow slits. Most of the cats remained lying on their bellies with limbs held close to the body as they vocalized during electrical stimulation.

Gibbs & Gibbs (1936);Magoun et aI. (1937); Meyer & Hess (1957). Purr Septum (1 site); Infundibular region (3/400 sites); Anterior lateral portion of hypothalamus (1 site). Meow PAG (ventral part);*Tegmentum Hess et aI. (1945-6); *Hunsperger (1956, adjacent to PAG at superior 1963, 1967); *Kanai & Wang (1962); colliculus; Reticular formation Magnus & Lammers (1956); Nakao et aI. adjacent to ventral PAG; *Sites (1968). around the medial lemnicus in pons and medulla; Hypothalamus near amygdala; Septum and precommissural fornix; Thalamus near and along stria medullaris.

6 to 8 KHz. Frequency bands represent a fundamental and its harmonics. 8 KHz and the median number of harmonics per call was 3. The meow-growl was a single call composed of a meow and growl component. 2 sec. the modal duration for growls, and 75% of them had durations less than the modal duration for meow-growls. The meows were the calls that showed the greatest variation in form (Fig. 3). They can be divided into 2 groups, short and long meows, on the basis of their duration. They were also the type of call most likely to be associated with another call type to form complex calls (McKinley, 1982) such as meow-growls (de Lanerolle, in press).

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